WiFi Solutions

ISP Billing Solution

  • Intelligent multi-functional ISP solution
  • Improve your business and attract new customers by implementing intelligent ISP solution for your wireless Internet service.
  • A robust and cost-effective solution for Internet control, bandwidth limiting (daily/Weekly/monthly) with powerful analytics.
  • Track your customer’s behaviour, analyse the demographics and habits of your clients.
  • AfroWifi provides you with both advanced WiFi network control and a reliable connection with all users.
  • ISP solution has an advanced architecture which allows both simple and very large networks.
  • You can start offering wireless Internet services and grow slowly by adding new access points, connect different city areas, one step a time.
  • Easily integrate several separate WiFi networks in one large network, where all accounts are served from the central database.

Voucher login & collect data

  • Create vouchers and refills in advance with desired price plan limitations (time, bandwidth quota, download and upload rates), and distribute them or sell by your staff, resellers or through your channel partners.
  • Use voucher login & collect data which can be used for marketing purposes.
  • Users will get a login voucher and access to wireless Internet service based on the voucher and ask them to fill-in requested details.

WiFi Revenue

  • Get revenue data based on location and date for any selected time period.
  • On the Revenue panel you can generate daily, monthly, yearly or custom range reports and based on those reports check your business results.

User Profile

  • User profile contain customer personal information and it’s a valuable addition to the rest of the user account options.
  • AfroWifi goes beyond the usual personal data collection and provides an option to save customer photo, gender, birthday, etc… This is useful where all users have to provide identification.

ISP Billing Solution Features

  • Centralized WiFi management of user accounts, limits, and Internet plans.
  • WiFi billing with pre-printed vouchers.
  • Advanced analytics and reports.
  • User level assigned limits: download, upload, bandwidth quota, expiration.
  • Internet Plans: define price and determine user limits based on various metrics

Social Wifi Marketing

  • Social WiFi is an essential social media marketing solution that allows you to offer free WiFi to your customers. 
  • You’ll gather valuable customer data and use it for email marketing campaigns.
  • Social login is the preferred WiFi access method for many customers. It helps them to connect to your WiFi in just two clicks. No extra efforts or lengthy forms to complete.
  • You will understand who your guests are and create marketing campaigns with a great ROI.
  • Data collected include gender, age, location and other demographics that can be used to prepare highly relevant campaigns. You will get customer email and full name so you can craft campaigns that engage and deliver results.

Prevent Network Abuse

  • Configure download and upload limits to keep your WiFi running for all customers. Video streaming websites can easily crash WiFi with lower capacity which will prevent other users from accessing it. You can configure limits like bandwidth quota allowed, so you can ensure that the WiFi stays up and running and all users are happy.

Grow your Social Network

  • Increase your reach and build a stronger relationship with your customers. With an easy one-time setup, our platform works for you 24/7.

Better Insight

  • Detailed analytics will tell you who your customers really are. Get demographics like age, gender, location and extended stats like loyalty.

Quick WiFi Access

  • Guests will get a fast and secure WiFi access with a simple 2-clicks with no password required. It works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any platform iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.

Social Networks

  • Social network login available with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and if you prefer Email based access, we’ve got it covered too.…

How Social Networks work 

    Hotel WiFi Solution

    • Hotel WiFi solution for easy guest WiFi control.
    • A robust and cost effective solution suitable for any hospitality deployment. 
    • It controls user Internet access, sets limits, processes payments, engages users, provides powerful analytics and helps you run different marketing strategies to maximize revenue from your hotel WiFi.
    • Hospitality WiFi solution needs to be great – as your guests expect it. A fast and reliable WiFi network with uninterrupted wireless coverage over the entire facility is just a starting point to satisfying guests.

    Great Hotel WiFi Analytics

    AfroWifi will help you to promote hotel amenities, offer high-speed paid Internet access, and collect guest surveys so that you can get real-time feedback and use it to increase your ranking on TripAdvisor and Booking.com.

    Analytics reports include demographics, bandwidth usage, session statistics, unique and repeat visitors per hotel, loyalty report and more.

    • When your guests connect to the Hotel WiFi, a nicely designed splash page will appear on their device. You can easily customize splash pages with logo, background and colours, and decide how your guests will start their Internet session.
    • The splash page can be configured to offer free Internet, high-speed paid access, collect email and customer data, login with social network account, show video or image advertisements.
    • One of the most important features is integration with hotel Property Management System (PMS), a guest can log onto the WiFi with room number after check-in.
    • Once logged-in, a guest may be redirected to the welcome page, hotel website or promotion page.
    • The guest may be limited with download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, and time to use your service, expiration, and limit access to one or multiple gadgets. That provides good WiFi experience for all your guests, and prevents one user taking most of the bandwidth.

    Hotel WiFi Solution Features

    Internet controlSurveyWiFi marketingWiFi locationsStatisticsVideos and Image Adverts, Email campaigns,  Automation.

    Restaurant WiFi

    • AfroWifi helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction.
    • Create a free or paid restaurant Internet access, engage guests with advertisements, collect surveys and understand what you can do better to improve guest satisfaction.
    • Track your customer’s behaviour, analyse the demographics and habits of your visitors, display location-based commercials or fully-featured campaigns that target customers by age, gender and interest.
    • Take your WiFi to the next-level and improve quality of the Internet service, guest satisfaction and overall restaurant review rating.
    • Today’s guests expect WiFi service in every restaurant, cafe or bar.
    • Improve your business and attract new customers by offering controlled WiFi in your restaurant to send specials based on customer interests, put the latest promotion, offer discounts, collect guest surveys or display a coupon to be redeemed at your restaurant.

    How Restaurant WiFi works 

    • Upon accessing your WiFi, the guest is automatically redirected to the restaurant’s branded login page.
    • Guest may select preferred connection method, like social login, access-code login or free access and start using WiFi.
    • Once logged-in, guest may be redirected to view a desired website or promotion page.
    • Each connected device is limited with download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time to use your service, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your guests.
    • The restaurant WiFi solution will control the session duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally collect your customers e-mail, name, address, for your safety and marketing activities.

    Restaurant WiFi Features

    Internet control, Survey, WiFi Marketing, WiFi locations, Statistics, Videos Adverts, Email campaigns, Automation.

    Guest WiFi

    • Next-level guest WiFi solution for absolute guest satisfaction.

    How Guest WiFi Works

    When your guests connect to WiFi, a nice splash page with your logo will appear on their device.

    Guest may select preferred connection method, like social login, access-code login or free access and start using WiFi.

    Your splash page can be configured in different ways – to show video advert, image advert, collect email and customer data, social login, to offer free Internet, or even high-speed paid access. Every connection will be recorded and data provided in extensive analytics for better guest understanding and marketing activities.

    Once logged-in, guest may be redirected to view desired website or promotion page. Each connected device is limited with download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time to use your service, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your guests.

    For large or multiple venues, hotels & resorts, we recommend using more powerful routers or access points (APs) (Ligowave, Mikrotik CCR etc.) or cloud controllers with access points (Cisco 8540 controller, Ruckus controller etc.).

    Better routers or APs can serve multiple SSIDs, accept more users online, and provide better bandwidth performance.

    Our Guest WiFi solution can work with wide variety of devices, from entry-level TP-Link to high-end cloud controllers.

    Guest WiFi solution is suitable for places like airports, banks, buses, auditoriums, educational institutions, stadiums, cafes and bars.

    An intelligent wireless network management solution for advanced wireless network control and reliable WiFi user engagement.

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