Key Features

Central WiFi Management

  • Robust and cost effective centralised solution where all routers and access points are connected to a central server for authentication, accounting and management.
  • Intuitive interface that helps you configure users, WiFi locations, splash pages, Internet plans, access analytics or create new image or video commercials.
  • You may create sub-admins for your locations with partial access privileges to the WiFi management portal.
  • User access tickets can be created and printed in bulk amounts with configurable Internet plans.
  • Access points can be easily replaced with a spare one in case of any hardware error.

Customised Splash Pages

  • Easily create splash pages using inbuilt templates and configure how your WiFi users start accessing the Internet.
  • Customize your splash pages with your own brand, logo and background image with easy-to-use page editor.
  • You can include survey, enforce terms of use agreement, and enable login using social media accounts.
  • The splash editor is super-simple to use so you can quickly setup nice-looking responsive splash pages that look good on any device.
  • The splash page can be configured to offer free Internet, high-speed paid access, collect email and customer data, login with social network account, show image or video advertisements.
  • If you offer free WiFi access in exchange for video ad watching, you have the ability to set minimum watching duration, after which the WiFi user may skip the video and proceed to a landing page that you configure which may contains any special information like offers, registration or just a welcome note.

Auto Login

  • Auto login feature allows WiFi users to connect automatically when they return to a WiFi location they’ve already visited.
  • As soon as the user’s device tries to connect, auto-login will authenticate it and enable Internet access based on the account Internet plan settings.
  • It works on all smartphones, laptops, tablets and any device transmitting MAC address.
  • Th auto login feature is very suitable for any venue, ISP or hospitality that want to provide seamless login.

WiFi Ads

  • Engage your WiFi users with video or image commercials and provide complimentary free WiFi for watching video ads.
  • Location-based commercials are among the best engagement motivators with high conversion rate.
  • AfroWifi solution helps you create commercials and play them on the WiFi user’s device as it connects to the WiFi network.
  • After watching, a user may go online or be directed to visit a special website, complete some kind of registration form or take an action you desire. You are in control!

WiFi Video Adverts

  • Offer free WiFi access in exchange for video ad watching.
  • A minimum watching duration can be specified, after which the user may skip the video and proceed to a set landing page which may contains special offers, registration or just a welcome note.
  • Those who are not interested can simply continue and enjoy complimentary WiFi.
  • You get detailed statistics and data analytics on who and when they watched the video ads, total impressions and clicks, and compile professional reports.

Promo Image for Access

  • Easily create image adverts and announcements that will be displayed on the splash page.
  • Splash page images can be tailored for a variety of use cases like displaying a coupon to be redeemed at as retail store, discount offers, inviting users to complete a survey or even a review about your business or just displaying information about a product or service.

Customer Survey

  • Collect WiFi users’ data, opinions and reviews.
  • Your WiFi network is a perfect channel to gather the opinions of your customers. This improves social and online rankings of your venue or brand.
  • Customer survey is a great tool for collecting user data, opinions and reviews.
  • Collect valuable information which can be used for improving your service or product.
  • Your WiFi is the perfect channel to collect customer surveys. Advantages over classic check-out survey include:

     User can choose suitable time to complete it,

     Resolve complaints that may not be told until checkout when it’s too late,

     All data is consolidated into readable reports without paperwork,

     Follow up easily and ask your guests to post reviews to online directories like TripAdvisor or,

     Customer survey is a great too for gathering customer data, opinions and reviews. It provides valuable information which can be used

     for marketing purposes and improving your service,

     If you want to know good you are doing as a business, the best way is to find out from your customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Automatically send information and promotional email campaigns.
  • Email marketing campaigns enable you to send information and promotional emails to your guests at defined times.
  • Those campaigns can be sent when necessary, if you want to inform your guests about the novelties, or automatically according to a previously defined schedule which includes initial connection, inactivity or on a user’s day of birth.
  • After successfully signing onto the WiFi network, the system can send a welcome email to the user with basic information about your enterprise.

  • After a couple of days, the system can automatically send an email with special offers, promotions or discounts.
  • Prepare emails, insert images, text, links and other features using the integrated editor.
  • The campaigns can be sent to your target guests immediately, or at a specified delivery date and time.
  • If you need help, we can assist with Email template design and prepare your campaigns.

Social WiFi

  • Social login is a favourite access method for most customers since it enables them to log onto the Internet in just a few clicks without any personal data required.
  • Social WiFi is a powerful tool by which you can offer free WiFi to your guests and gather customer personal data that can be used later for targeted marketing purposes.
  • When a user logs onto the WiFi using a social account, there might be a message made public to their friends and followers on a social network, thus enabling you to reach new potential customers.
  • Guests can be allowed to connect to WiFi using their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

WiFi Locations

  • Each WiFi location or business venue may have different branding and Internet plans.
  • WiFi location may engage your guests in unique ways and increase your revenue.
  • Depending on venue size, WiFi location may have single or multiple routers/access points that all share the same settings and branding for easy roaming.
  • The solution helps you create different splash pages with logo, background and colours for each location.
  • Collect user data on one location, bill high-speed access for another, or display video commercials for Internet access.
  • Engage users and collect surveys – so that you can learn about wishes and issues and react in good time.
  • In the hospitality industry, lobby guests can be greeted with the welcome page of complimentary free WiFi. From the rooms, guests can login with a room number and name.
  • At the restaurant, promote your wines.
  • Conference users may login with shared access password.



  • Automation helps you create tasks that are automatically executed when a defined event occurs.
  • It’s a great feature to engage customers, increase interaction with your brand and increase ROI.
  • Once configured, AfroWifi will automatically perform all tasks so you can benefit from the free WiFi you provide.
  • All the steps have been automated, time intervals are adjustable, and they do not require any additional effort.
  • When a guest connects to the WiFi network for the first time and enters personal data, they will receive a welcome email.
  • In two days’ time the system can send a short customer satisfaction survey to be completed asking the guest to rate the customer experience so that you could react to potential customer complaints.
  • In a couple of days you can offer a coupon for a discount, or you can invite the guest to cast a glance at the restaurant menu.
  • When a guest leaves the hotel, you can send an automated email of gratitude and a discount coupon for the next hotel booking.
  • AfroWifi provides you with both advanced WiFi control and a reliable connection with all your guests.
  • Deliver video commercials and automatically send special offers at defined time intervals.

Analytics and Statistics

  • From the basic logs to the advanced analytics, our system provides comprehensive insight into visitors’ behaviour.
  • You will be able to monitor Internet usage, apply limits through Internet plans, or set specific limits to individual users.
  • Visitor statistics are split into multiple reports, which include loyalty, top users, time slots, repeating and first time visitors, gender and age breakdown.
  • With the date range filter you can profile your visitors with ease, learn usage habits and prepare workable marketing activities.
  • Ranking from basic data to advanced analytics, AfroWifi offers a thorough insight into visitors’ trends.
  • Get to know your visitors, find out what their habits are and prepare effective marketing campaigns. 
  • With AfroWifi analytics reports, you can identify which days generate lower profit and stimulate customers with appropriate benefits.
  • Analytics reports include :

    Demographics, bandwidth usage, session statistics, unique and repeat visitors, royalty reports, rejected logins, revenue by location 

    and date, top locations.

Web Filtering

  • Protect your business or organization by blocking access to adult, hacked, malicious and every other kind of inappropriate websites.
  • Blocked websites may be redirected to desired page, explaining blocking reasons and discouraging further activity.
  • AfroWifi’s content filtering feature helps you to enforce acceptable web usage to comply with internal policies or external regulations.
  • The feature helps you build first-line protection and control what websites your users are visiting.

WiFi Billing

  • Integrate with Property Management System (PMS), and create users, login codes and refills.
  • If the guest needs high speed access, desired Internet plan should be selected and optionally paid for.
  • With Hotel PMS integration, a hotel/lodge may grant premium access to selected users, or add plan cost to the guest’s room.
  • Easily create and print single or bulk user accounts and WiFi login tickets.
  • Assign an Internet plan, insert how many accounts you want to generate, select the desired type, and optionally configure expiration date…it’s that simple!
  • The administrator or official is able to modify any of the settings before generating accounts.
  • Auto generate user accounts using the Auto Generate feature or set your own unique Prefix and Suffix on the user account using the Configurable feature.
  • A robust feature for WISPs to use to create customer accounts with custom Internet plans, manage download and upload bandwidth quota, and manage network infrastructure.

Internet plans

  • Define price for time usage, data transferred, download and upload rate.
  • Monitor Internet usage, apply limits through Internet plans, or set specific limits to individual users.
  • Internet plans can allow you to monetize your WiFi by offering higher speed Internet for a fee.
  • Precisely control the Internet access speed, data transfer and the number of devices which a user can use to connect to the WiFi.
  • Tiered Internet access allows implementation of different usage rights.
  • During signup, user can choose an Internet plan which can be free or paid.
  • Free complimentary access can be set with lower download and upload speeds.
  • Internet plan determines which download and upload speed the user will have during their session, total bandwidth data available for transfer, optional session duration, as well as optional expiration date.
  • If the user needs high speed access, desired plan can be selected on the WiFi splash page and optionally paid for.
  • User accounts can be created manually with desired Internet Plan and such tickets issued to the users.

Hotel PMS Integration

  • Integrate Hotel WiFi with your PMS system and automate billing for your guests 
  • Post WiFi charges to the guest’s room
  • Customer chooses username, password, and price plan (e.g. 7 days Internet) and confirms the identity with a room number and personal details.
  • If successful, Internet is enabled and payment is added on provided room number, and customer will see this charge in your PMS.
  • System can be configured to provide free access (no charge), to apply complimentary plan to member or loyalty guests, or provide list of available plans so user can choose and pay. Hotel WiFi feature helps you offer free trial Internet access and convert your customers into paid subscribers.
  • The entire process is automated, and follows the rules you specify: duration of the free trial, number of logins per day, available bandwidth quota, download and upload rate, time of day when free access is available, and much more.
  • Once the customer is satisfied, they can sign-up for the higher level account without restrictions.
  • Ability to offer paid upgrade is very important, as business users or those needing video streaming will not be satisfied with your free-level service. On the contrary, users needing only simple services as browsing or Email access would appreciate a free offer, and be loyal to your main services.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • The reputation of a venue especially a hotel or restaurant is of paramount importance for potential guests and TripAdvisor is dominant in this field.
  • The integration of the AfroWifi system with TripAdvisor enables you to automatically send an email to your guests upon checkout, reminding them of pleasant moments they spent at your hotel/lodge and suggest that they write an online review that will help you boost your place’s rating and guest loyalty.
  • The usage of the system provides the key data, such as an email address, so as to enable automated sending of a TripAdvisor review request email.

An intelligent wireless network management solution for advanced wireless network control and reliable WiFi user engagement.

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