ABOUT AfroWifi

AfroWifi is a WiFi management solution of great possibilities that connects network devices into an intelligent WiFi network. It provides centralized WiFi management, WiFi network control, access methods settings, guest accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and reports, and easy network expansion.

AfroWifi creates Internet plans, controls Internet access speed, data transfer rates and the number of devices that a WiFi user can connect to WiFi with.

Ideal solution for ISPs to provide client accounts management and billing, and digital marketing agencies to help businesses advertise over WiFi.

In addition to WiFi management and control, AfroWifi further transforms your WiFi network into an intelligent marketing system, enabling the display of video, image and other commercials on mobile phones, tablets or laptops as the user connects to your WiFi.


AfroWifi enables you to connect routers, create and customize splash pages, control Internet bandwidth usage, engage WiFi users, create a report on WiFi user statistics and analytics. Deliver image and video commercials over your WiFi, automatically send email messages to past WiFi users at defined time intervals, and increase customer engagement for a profitable business.

An intelligent wireless network management solution for advanced wireless network control and reliable WiFi user engagement.

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