Wireless Network Management Solution

Intelligent Wi-Fi management solution for total wireless network control and seamless Wi-Fi user engagement.

Network Management Solution


AfroWifi is a WiFi management solution of great possibilities, connecting your wireless routers and access points into an intelligent WiFi network. A robust solution providing centralized wireless network management, bandwidth control, access methods control, guest WiFi setup and control, extraordinary WiFi user analytics and reports, and easy network expansion.

AfroWifi controls wireless Internet access speed, data transfer rates and the number of devices that a WiFi user can use to connect to the WiFi.

Empower Your Wireless Network Today!

An intelligent wireless network management solution for total WiFi network control and communication through your WiFi network.

 A solution to help you build your wireless network and scale as you grow.

 Connect routers, customise splash pages, control Internet access, engage WiFi users, accept credit card payments, check WiFi user statistics and analytics. Hosted by us, managed by you from any device anywhere.

 A WiFi solution of great possibilities which connects wireless access points into an intelligent wireless network and enabling you to have control of your wireless network whilst being able to send communication over your WiFi.

 With the AfroWifi, you are able to precisely set Internet plans, control the Internet access speed, data transfer and limit the number of devices which a user can connect from to access WiFi Internet.

 The system is compatible with all the major network hardware brands on the market. 

 Easy to deploy and has a simplified user dashboard making it easy to use. 

 The solution is scalable allowing you to easily add wireless hotspots and grow your wireless network into a big countrywide WAN. 

 Manage all your hotspots in one dashboard using its unmatched tools for centralized WiFi hotspots management, WiFi network control, access methods settings, usage analytics and reports.

 The solution doubles as a reliable WiFi user engagement tool for any WiFi venue, enabling you to deliver video or image commercials and automate marketing tasks, all on your WiFi network. 

 A solution ideal for delivering engaging commercials sit-in restaurants, hotels, museums, spa centres, medical centres, banks, car service centres, airports, gyms, shopping malls, galleries, lodges, stadia, large events, retail shops, learning institutions, conferences and other service centres where customers wait for service.

 If your business already offers “Free WiFi” Internet with a shared password, it’s time to upgrade and turn “Free WiFi” Internet from being a cost centre into a powerful automated marketing tool.

 A fully automated solution, time intervals for every user engagement task are adjustable and they do not require any additional administration effort. 

Why AfroWifi

Improve your business and attract new customers by implementing our intelligent WiFi solution in your WiFi network.

AfroWifi Network Management Solution provides you with both advanced WiFi network control and a reliable connection with all users.

Track your customer’s behaviors, analyze the demographics and habits of your clients, display location-based ads that target customers by age, gender and interests.


An intelligent wireless network management solution for advanced wireless network control and reliable WiFi user engagement.

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